Anderson Powerlifting Deadllift for Reps at USS Nats!

May 24, 2016


When you are Ken Anderson you know a thing or two about deadlifting. Ken has been in the powerlifting scene for years. US Strongman President Willie Wessels and Ken have be acquainted for for a long time, and don't forget the Prez was an 800# no straps, no hitch puller back in the day!  Ken knows a little something about Strongman too, sponsoring athletes like Jill Mills and Jerry Pritchett. (BTW- those two are pretty amazing deadlifters!)


So, it makes sense that Ken Anderson reached out to sponsor the Anderson Powerlifting Deadlift for Reps at the United States Strongman National Championship on June 11, 2016 in Louisville, KY at 4th Street Live, the Official LARGEST Strongman contest ever! (Not just a couple more athletes larger, but nearly 100 more! 310 athletes and counting to be exact!) 


Welcome aboard Ken and the Anderson Powerlifting Team! And the Anderson Strongman Team too!

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