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USS Pro Women

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

United States Strongwomen Pro’s. All of these women have place and been paid. They have earned the right to be called pro’s. Pro means paid.

Masters Pros

Lisa Kromer

Cynthiana Flores

Lisa Bryant

Valerie Walker

Brandy Schumaker

Tina Kinsly

Kimberly O’Laughlin

Jen Shimsky

Janet McGraw

Allison Dann

Rachel Mackenzie

Wendy Sharpe

Karrie Ann Davis

Renee Harden

Sara Hernandez

Rebecca Liquari

Leeza Landley

Giulia Vernati

Shammon Hammet

Jennifer Preinitz

Brenda Schubert

Amanda Mondragon

Open LW Pros

Christina Bangma

Ashley Fagnano

Emily Schnabel

Jamie Popp Christonsen

Jillian Funk

Laura Anderson

Lee Perham

Jordan Wildman

Jackie Wood

Kristine Matthews

Tiffany Tofoya

Sheri Zimmerman

Mai Mijares

Destiny Dillow

Edna Ferrer

Open MW Pros

Kim Baum

Sarah Lanzillo

Buffy Gordon

Liefa Ingalls

Sierra Farkas

Amy Hudson

Red Wiard

Leah Falcone

Nancy Johnson

Carina Perea

Jessica Mitchell

Ashley Butler

Paige Swa

Open HW Pros

Mary Cain

Billie Jean McLoughlin

Kelli Dewey

Kim Baum

Meg Davis

Jessica Putland

Emily Pernice

Lauren Wells

Alyssa Anderson

Vivian Nguyen

Lacee Carr

Jessica Mitchell

Amanda Mondragon

Ellie Ramires

Open SHW Pros

Samantha Coleman

Jessica Fithen

Meg Ayers

Mekayla Breland

Jane Nwafor

Brooke Sousa

Melissa Edwards

Lacee Carr

Kristen Thomas

Laurie Middlesworth

Jessica Trumball

Elizabeth Sturm

We have two pro card holders

1. Rachel Willard Waterhouse

2. Paige Swa

We have one paid contract for now:

1. Rachel Willard Waterhouse.

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