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Wanna be a PRO? Then prove you should be!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

USS promoters and athletes,

USS is adding a Pro division to the Weight Matrix on Iron Podium. A single men’s class and a single women’s class. Here are the requirements for the promoter:

  • Only State reps can host this division or a state rep overseeing a non-rep promoter.

  • If a promoter chooses to add a Pro class to their matrix, they may choose to have either one, or both the men’s and women’s. The weights must be at least 10% heavier than your heaviest class.

  • USS reserves the right to increase the weights at their discretion.

  • Minimum prize amounts are: $500 for 1st, $300 for 2nd and $200 for 3rd. These are minimums.

To qualify as a pro:

  • There must be at least six competitors in the same class. If there are less than six the class can still compete, prize money can be awarded, however no pro status will be awarded.

    • -OR-the athletes can move back into their normal class

  • Only First Place will qualify for Pro Status

  • Any competitor that zeros an event will not receive Pro Status.

  • A Pro Card is only awarded to the winner of the USS Pro International Championship.

Because this is an option on IP, there may be five or 25 of these events this year. If all the rules and requirements are met and an athlete earns a pro status, they will be invited to compete in USS Pro International Championships, to be held in August of 2022 in Texas with Rob and Esther from Big Tex Gym. There, at the International Championships, the winners will receive their Pro Cards. This is called, “International,” as our international affiliate organizations may be invited to compete (Canada, Finland, Australia, etc…). This is not a USS National qualifying event.

From the USS Pro International Championships, the top three women will be invited to USS Pro Women’s Worlds in 2022 and any other international events USS may secure. The top three men will get invites to an SCL, Arnold Pro, or other international event in 2022 or 2023.

As always, any athlete can compete in any USS event, even after they earn their Pro card – all competitors welcome. The sign up is as simple as ever on Iron Podium for your choice of competition.

Train smart and travel safe,



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