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Checklists and Information
READ THE ENTIRE PAGE AND MAKE SURE YOU SUBMIT ALL ITEMS INCLUDING THE SANCTIONS, OUR ENTRY, and A WEIGHT MATRIX if desired.  NOTE - Have your links ready to go when you submit. If not you will need to submit a new entry. It take longer for USS to make corrections than it does for you to do it correctly the first time!

Contact your USS State Rep. Talk to them about your ideas and discuss dates, events, venues, etc. Ask them what dates they can come to your show and what expenses may be involved to have them there*. Once those things are settled, move on to Step 2. The link to the State Rep list is below.

*If this is your first sanctioned show with USS, you must have a State Rep present.

After you speak to your state rep and you have things in order, introduce yourself to USS. If you are a veteran promoter, you may have already done this. Either way, share your ideas for a show. and include this form, filled out completely. Be sure to use the legal name of the venue/ property owner for insurance purposes. 

STEP 3: Sanctioning Fees

Please click the SANCTION FEE button below and submit payment for the sanctioning fee. Choose the appropriate option of PROMOTER or STATE REP. Once you have paid, return to this page to complete the process.  If for some reason you show is not sanctioned, you will be refunded. Please note - this sanctioning fee includes you insurance.

  • Sometimes things happen and a show must be postponed. If that is the case, contact USS home office. If the decision to postpone is made at least six (6) weeks in advance AND the postponement date is in the same calendar year there is no problem.  Should you postpone or cancel after the insurance policy is submitted, or the postponement date is after the change of the year, you can expect to pay an additional sanction fee.

  • In the very rare instance where you must CANCEL a show, please contact USS first. Many times postponing is more ideal. Cancellation does not imply refund.

STEP 4: The Entry Form

  1. Fill out this form (Button Below).  Or, Just use the Iron Podium Button.

  2. No, do not fill it out like a competitor, fill in the blanks with pertinent information for your contest. Ex: CONTEST DIRECTOR: John Albrecht

  3. Include the appropriate weight divisions and classes. You are not required to have all of them at every show! Here they are in case you were wondering, but these should not be manipulated - stick to the declared parameters.

  4. Add an online entry link, Facebook, etc. in the space provided.

  5. Very carefully add names of people, places, and things (these are nouns), to the waiver if necessary.

  6. We will convert to PDF after we proof for mistakes.

  7. Once you are done with that, fill out the optional weight matrix (next section).


  9. We post contests (and scores) 2x a week, on Wednesday and Weekends, so it could take 3 - 7 days depending on when you submit and holidays.

If you are submitting a weight matrix, your entry will not be posted until all parts are submitted.

STEP 5: Weight Matrix (Optional)

If you would like to have a Weight Matrix, you have a few options. Choose the one that works best for you. No screen shots or pictures.

  1. Online Matrix Form HERE

  2. Downloadable Google Doc Form HERE

  3. Downloadable Google Sheets Form HERE or share (to edit) your google sheet weight matrix with me at and I will handle the rest!


Options #2 and #3 you will have to make a copy or download in the appropriate format.

Heads up: Once I receive the matrix i will put it in google sheet and share with you to edit as needed. it will be linked in the entry.

STEP 6: Score Sheet

A Template is available below. It has an example on it with general instructions as well.

STEP 7: Submit Results HERE

To submit results you have the options below:

  1. Email a copy of the results to USS: or

    1. Submit your results in Excel format. If you share a Google Spreadsheet that is O.K. too.

    2. In the Email Subject line, Type: Results and the contest date. ie: RESULTS 12/31/19

    3. Be sure to include the NAME and the DATE of the contest, as well as the LOCATION (State) at the top of the excel page.

    4. Results should be in the format available above, or at least look VERY similar to them. The instructions are contained in the example spreadsheet.

    5. All score should be on ONE sheet (of the spreadsheet). If sent with scores on multiple sheets, they will be sent back to make corrections. Do not PDF results - USS will do that. NO PICTURES for results.  -  OR  - 

  2. Upload a copy of the results to USS using the button below.

    1. Submit your results in spreadsheet format ONLY.

    2. Fill out the Google form (Button below). You MUST have a gmail account for this option.

    3. All score should be on ONE sheet. If sent with scores on multiple sheets, they will be sent back to make corrections. Do not PDF results - USS will do that. NO PICTURES for results.

STEP 8: National Records

Let's assume you wish to have a National record breaking event...

Here is what you do:

  1. See if an USS administrator can come Judge your event.

  2. Set up room and travel arrangement for the judge. 

  3. Fill out the Record Form and submit with results.

  4. NO FORM = NO RECORD!!! Athletes, make sure you have a form filled out for you and hold the promoter responsible.​

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