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Nationals Update: READ EVERYTHING

Nationals Update: READ EVERYTHING before asking questions or I will refer you back to this post. If you haven't been watching weekly updates from Willie Wessels, I suggest you watch the last few on his page. The date IS going to change, here are the details: 1. We will decide by May 1 what we will do for nationals 2020. We have been patiently waiting for the MN governor to give direction. 2. The options are a. Rescheduled to 8/1/2020 b. Defer to June 2021 3. Your options as athletes will be to sign up by 6/14/2020 and be okay to compete at 2020 nationals (if they occur 8/1/2020 or 2021) 4. You will have between May 1 and June 27th to ask for a refund should nationals be moved to 2021. Requests after June 27 will not be processed and you will stay on the roster for 2021 by default. 5. If nationals is moved to 8/1/2020, you will have between May 1 and May 31 to ask for a refund. 6. ALL refund requests MUST come to to be honored. I will NOT accept requests third person 7. I will post an updated athlete list on June 27th listing all athletes who remain on the roster and removing those that asked for a refund. PLEASE EMAIL TIM KOVACH - don’t email Willie or john as we will be officially keeping track of what y’all are choosing so when you come back and ask why you were removed from the athlete list, we will know why. Also, send ALL questions related to nationals to me (Tim Kovach) first. Most questions will be answered a lot faster that way. 


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