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Idaho is Going Berserk!

I got into strongman competitions because I want to be close to the sport even if I can’t compete. I want to elevate the competition in Idaho, which is why I want to host top notch competitions. Also, by being the state rep I can help other events get off the ground by applying what I have learned after hosting my own competitions. I think Boise is a great area to expand on for Strongman as we are getting all kinds of people moving into the area.

I started a gym with Jay hagadorn with the mind set of building a strong community driven atmosphere. So far we have super high retention and most gym goers know each other. It’s been good to see people cheering each other on as they break new PR’s. We have some of the strongest people in the valley that work out in our gym, and our community continues to grow with all types of people. I plan on applying the same business mindset to Idaho’s USS.

Collin Reynolds


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