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US Strongman Integrity = Opportunities for All Strongman Athletes!

I am continually asked, "What is the difference between United States Strongman, Inc. and the other US based strongman brands?" My answer is always the same same: integrity. The hierarchy at US Strongman is truly invested in the sport of strongman. Whether it is seeding potential growth in the sport, creating an exciting athlete experience, or fostering camaraderie, US Strongman is not in it for the payday, rather US Strongman is in it for the athletes. And, that equals opportunity!

There are still 9 opportunities to qualifiy for the United States Strongman National Championships on June 27, 2015 in Indianapolis, IN. The four men's belt winners at Nationals will recieve a paid entry to the USA Classic Giants Live Qualifier, 105 KG World Pro-Am Classic or US Strongman 181/198 Classic on August 8, 2015. Or, the HW and SHW winners, will have their entry paid to Nick and Calle Best's Sin City Giants Live Qualifier if they choose.

Your United States Strongman, Inc. is working on overseas opportunities for the 181, 198 and 231 winners form August 8th, and is the Max Log Press Sponsor for the USA Classic in August even though it is an unsanctioned event! Why? Because the USA Classic provides opportunities for athletes! Period.

At the same US Nationals show in

June, the US Qualifier for Ultimate Strongman Masters' WSM will be held and America's Strongest Masters' Strongman will be crowned. The winner will be competing in Ireland later in 2015!

Further, US Strongman will be awarding the first ever Masters' Pro Card. Masters class Pros will still be invited and encoraged to compete at any US Strongman show! Why earn a "Pro Card" and never have an opportunity to compete?

All current American Pros are welcomed and encouraged to compete at US Strongman events. And on 29th in Morton, IL, Muscle on Main will be featuring a Cash Pro Division! (Not that there is any question, but, Jerry Prichett is definitely and American Pro!) This is also a qualifier for the 2016 United States Strongman Nationals, one of eleven already posted!

If you want opportunities, Your United States Strongman, Inc. has got them. And, no we haven't forgotten the ladies, we are working on that too!


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