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Motor City's Strongest 2015

Motor City’s Strongest Man/Women 2015

This year’s MCSM was one that started out with a moment of silence for Abdul Wesolowski, he was one of the original pro strongman, a top level powerlifter, and a good friend to many in the strongman community. The contest was help in his memory, it was also one for the records books (check all the record axle presses) not just for the athletes but also for my fundraiser. It was a very fast and energetic contest from start to finish, with around 250 people in attendance all day and five events done in under 5 hours. This year marked the 6th contest and 7th scholarship that has been given out.

We started off the day with a max axle clean and press, and the athletes set the day off on a high note. A lot of personal records were set along with four national and five state records. Elizabeth Carpenter (165-) hit 173, John Albrecht (220) lifting an impressive 328, and training partners Joe Sheffield (242) and Jake Webb (275) lifting 313 and 343 respectively, to set national and state records along with Matt Tripp setting the 198 state record with 283.

In the axle deadlift for reps in 60 seconds the women set the bar high for the guys to follow with Brandy Shumaker hitting 233 for 21 reps followed closely by Kate Wagner with 20 to get the 165- class and Jessica Erickson hitting 283 for 10 to win the 165+ class. For the men, Shawn Shumaker followed his wife’s impressive pull with one of his own pulling 483 for 18 reps with a partially torn bicep for the MW win, and Jake Harmon pulling 533 for 11 reps to win the HW class.

In the farmers hold for time Brandy Shumaker held 165 for 58.88 seconds for the 165- win, followed by Jessica Erickson holding 195 for 30.43 seconds to win the 165+ class. In the men’s MW class it was a battle between a Dave Liepman (198) and Shawn Shumaker (220) for the best time holding 275 with Dave (54.2) beating Shawn (53.5) by 7 tenths of a second. In the HW class Jake Harman (275-) held 315 for an impressive 56.7 seconds beating the next best time in the HW class by 22 seconds.

Sandbag carry 60’ down and 60’ back was one of impressive speed and fight for a couple athletes to make a move in the place standings. For the women, it was Brandy Shumaker showing her dominance in the 165- class by taking the 150 pound ironmind sandbag for blazing 17 second run. Jessica Erickson was the only 165+ women to complete the course in 26.2 seconds. In the MW class it was a battle for the best time between John Albrecht (220) and Jimmy Mitchell (220) carrying the 250 pound ironmind sandbag. The math teacher John beating Jimmy by 8 tenths of a seconds (15.1 to 15.8) to show how fast teachers really are. Dave Liepman won the 198 class with a 17.5 run of his own to lock up the 198 class win. In the HW class Jake Harmon showed that big guys can run also carrying a 275 pound ironmind sandbag for a time of 15.9 seconds, with Sheffield, Webb, Niedzwiecki, Horetski, and Waskelis having impressive runs all under 20 seconds.

In the final event of the day there was a lot of athletes fighting for a top three placing. The tire flip has been a staple event in MCSM (even after it tore my bicep setting the event up 3 years ago) every year feared by many athletes. The only two women to complete the 85’ course with the 450 pound tire where sub 165 athletes Nicole Walters and Elizabeth Shumaker, with Nicole winning the event by 5 seconds. Erickson won the 165+ class while flipping the tire just under 56 feet. For the MW men it was Motor City’s own Chris Kropp (220) flipping the 550 pound tire in a blazing 30.1 seconds followed closely by Mr. Albrecht with a 31.7 second flip. In the 198 class it was Matt Tripp winning the event with a 35.4 second run edging out Michael (my wife is due at any moment, but still let me compete) Chisholm by 0.5 seconds. In the HW class Jake Harmon (275-) had the fastest time for the HW’s flipping the 700 pound tire in 35.5 seconds. Michael Bondy won the 242 weight class tire flip with a 43.7 second time, and Alex Hughes won the 275+ class event with a 36.7 second time.

Before I announce all the winners I want to thank all my helpers from Willie Wessels on the mic all day, Mike Johnston taking video and helping judge records. Along with the two time national pro LW champion Jared Spybrook, LW pro Aaron West, and his wife Stacy West for judging and keeping it fair all day long. My wife Crystal for scoring and watching our son all day, Val M for helping with the small stuff, and my athletes for moving weights all day. Lastly, to Adam and Jamie Daniels for helping me stay calm, and keep all the kids in line all day, and helping Crystal watch Drew while she scored. Also to WSM athlete Mike Caruso, who visited before his trip to WSM to talk to the athletes and take pictures with fans.

Make sure to support all the places that support this contest and strongman in general. WSM athlete and spider tack owner Mike Caruso, for his donation of spider tack to each weight class winner. Play Again Now for supplements to the top two in each weight class. Dr Plomaritis for supporting this event and repairing mine and countless others biceps and knees over the years. And also to United States Strongman,, bonebreakerz clothing, and Ironmind for their support.

I want to thank everyone for helping the sport and now the winners (good luck at nationals):

165- class: Brandy Shumaker, Elizabeth Carpenter, Nicole Walters

165+ class: Jessica Erickson, Natalie Graiver, Colette Zach

198 class: Dave Liepman, Matt Tripp, Michael Chisholm

220 class: John Albrecht, Dave Pankow, George Bullard

242 class: Joe Sheffield, Michael Bondy

275- class: Jake Harmon, Nathan Niedzwiecki, Jake Webb

275+ class: Adam Waskelis, Alex Hughes, Paul Thompson

Steve Barkley

US Strongman Michigan State Representative

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