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Taking Good Care of Strong People!

Dr. Todd McDougle is ALWAYS looking out for his Peeps and his Peeps are looking out for him! Dr. Todd has an all-expenses paid trip to USS Nationals!

Dr. Todd McDougle over the years has been summed up in one word: “Intense.” Since nearly losing an arm in 1988 during an industrial accident, McDougle has continued to beat the odds. His loss of total function of his right arm and the miracles that ensued thereafter has been nothing less than astounding.

In spite of his disabilities and setbacks, McDougle’s interests over the years have included Bodybuilding and Strongman Competitions of which he has participated as a Competitor and Event Physician. This competitive edge continues for him as he lives vicariously through his young athletes for which he meticulously evaluates to improve their performance. Thinking outside the box, his proprietary techniques have produced County, State, National and even International Champions.

He has held several Indiana Chiropractic Board positions for his Profession. He has over the years, acquired Post-Graduate training in Sports Medicine, Scoliosis Bracing through SpineCor, as well as Instrument and Extremity Adjusting. He also teaches his own Proprietary Techniques to Chiropractors and Olympic Level Practitioners across the United States and has participated in think tanks at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Your United States Strongman, Inc. is proud to have Dr. Todd on board at Nationals! To contact Dr. Todd please see below.

Contact Information:

Cell Phone: 317-490-8633

Fishers Office Address: 14074 Trade Center Drive, Suite 226, Fishers, IN 46038

Fishers Office Phone: 317-770-5775

E-mail: Dr.McDougle@Comcast.Net


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