So You Think You Can Promote?!

October 17, 2017

I cannot begin to to truly tell you what it is like trying to help new and Veteran promoters alike to get set up for the next contest. While I fully believe mistakes are inevitable and never with the intent to make things difficult they do happen and it does make things more challenging as the administrators at USS work to get things as accurate as possible.


Most people probably wouldn't even think that promoters forget to put the title of their contest on the entry form for the results, but they do. It just happens. Unfortunately it happens more than I'd like to admit. Oftentimes promoters neglect getting entry forms to us in a timely manner even after they've paid for and been approved for their sanction of the contest. Same with results... Hell, I've been guilty of that myself!

In the back office we sort of feel like we are running in circles because of these small but common errors. While we do our best to communicate information we are just now getting to the point to help everyone out. We have added a page to the USS website specifically for promoters, to help make, to help make sure that the information is correct from the time it leaves their hands and gets posted on the website. Along with that we have also restructured, are restructuring our entry page.

With that we have a few requests for your entries! The first is that you send us a paper entry. If we don't have this we're not going to post. This gives us a physical record of your contest. If there is an online Link for payment or Facebook or other social media page for your contest, include that on the entry form. As a matter of fact we have updated our entry form template to reflect that. Of course if you have questions please ask first before unintentionally making a mistake that you have to go back and correct.

Additionally when you submit an entry or results keep them in word or Excel format respectively. Google Docs are okay as well as long as you share them. USS will PDF them. At times we need to modify the format to fit better when we post the document on our site. Do not send pictures, do not send screenshots, and do not send pictures of screenshots! Word or Excel format or a Google doc format is what we need.


So, here is a page to help you get started, or to help you check off your to-do list. We appreciate your help in helping you!


J. Albrecht

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