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The District gets a Representative!

Your US Strongman is proud to have the best representation in the business with 48 states and or territories! We are certainly happy to have Brian Hosford as our Washington D.C. Rep. Here is a little more form Brian.

My first strongman competition was in May of 2001, and since then I’ve averaged 2 competitions a year. It all started at a powerlifting meet in November 2000, when I ran into a guy who was competing at his first meet. I asked if he would like some advice. He said yes, and proceeded to tell me his main sport was strongman. I couldn’t believe there was an amateur league, and a gym in St. Louis, MO that had training days. St. Louis was a 3-hour drive from Springfield, MO and so took a crew up. I was hooked and haven’t looked back since. To me, there is no other strength sport that surpasses strongman. It requires strength, endurance, agility, and is just flat out cool.

At the time I was a strength and conditioning coach at a sports training and rehab center. I continued with that till 2006, when I went to grad school and into a new field. I’ve worked in the defense and satellite industries since then, but have still continued to compete and coach exclusively for strongman. My wife doesn’t always understand this madness, but my kids think it’s pretty cool. ;-)

I train and coach at Tyson’s Playground in Vienna, VA, and really like to bring new people into the sport and watch them transform their bodies and their understanding of what it means to be strong. It really is the best sport out there.

Welcome to the USS Revolution, Brian!

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