Strongman Life: Kilted Wisdom!

August 1, 2017

A bit of a rant here, if I may (and I may, because it’s my freaking column).  One of the things I hate the most is seeing people post stupid shit about the “grind” of lifting on social media.  Oh…woe is me…my life is so hard…but I’m dragging myself back to the grind at the gym so I can defeat my enemies/prove my haters wrong/some other spurious bullshit.  Seriously people, for the love of all that is holy, would you please stop with that self-aggrandizing, Costco-sized bucket of complete horseshit already?   


Honestly, and I don’t give this kind of advice very often, but if this sport and training for it is  really nothing more than drudgery to you and makes your life so miserable, just fucking quit already.  You’re not inspiring people with your brave excursions to the gym.  They’re not looking at you and thinking “what a wonderful role model to pattern myself after.”  They look at your posts and think “Damn…that sport sucks!  I think I’ll just go back to trying to rub one out to The View.”  


Listen, for the vast majority of people, life contains nothing but drudgery.  They wake up and drag their ass off to a job that’s boring and unfulfilling, then come home to a marriage that is boring and unfulfilling, then try to convince their kids that life doesn’t suck, followed by watching some boring and unfulfilling TV shows, and once a month or so, some boring and unfulfilling sex.  Nothing but missionary…ever.  And you can’t be too loud because it might wake the kids or cause the dog to jump on the bed and noth