Arkansas has an Army Ranger in Charge!

November 8, 2016



At YOUR USS we love our service men and women! Nothing makes us prouder then when one of America's finest takes on a leadership role for USS! We are proud to welcome Scott Newman, Army Ranger, gym owner and all around American BADASS as your new State Rep for Arkansas! Let's hear from Scott in his own words!


I was born in Bad Kreuznach, Germany on a US Army installation as the youngest son with an older brother and sister.  I enjoyed soccer and swimming as I was growing up, and was a weak little fat kid when I left for college. When I showed up to North Georgia College and State University (now University of Northern Georgia) for frog week I was in for a rude awakening. They broke me down hard and I wanted to quit, I have my mom to thank for making me stay for two more weeks and it changed my life. The school taught me discipline and encouraged me to follow my father’s footsteps, join the Army, and furthermore complete the US Army Ranger School. In the summer of 2006 I did the Journey of Hope, a cross-country bicycle trip that spanned 74 days and 4,300 miles; after this I was big into triathlons and being a gym rat. The final summer of college I tried my first CrossFit class and fell in love and used it in my train up for Ranger School. When I started Active Duty I met Jim Denofa, the owner of CrossFit Havoc, and he introduced me to my first strongman implement…the atlas stone. It was so much fun, simple, and defining. Either you  pick this stone up and put it on something or you can’t; that is when I started to fall in love with strongman. At this point though the Army was into one thing, how high is your PT score and I stayed with CrossFit just to be as fast and lean as possible. After I got off active duty, I trained for the Houston Marathon, I completed it in 2011 in less than four hours. I was so burnt out on training that I switched to Jui Jitsu, I place first and third at my first tournament and the guy that beat me was just stronger than me. This drove me crazy and I have been training to get stronger ever since. I trained under Brandon Morrison of Lift Big Eat Big for the better part of a year and did my first strongman meet in Fayetteville, AR. I was competed in one powerlifting meet and had planned more but was deployed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. Since returning I have competed in three more shows and have one more planned for this year. I am the current owner of Rock City CrossFit and I have 1500 sq ft. dedicated to strength sports, with the majority of everything you could want to train with. I want to spread the sport of strongman throughout Arkansas and give strong men and women a place to train and people to train with. Excellence breeds excellence. 


Indeed it does Mr. Newman! And, don't forget to check out Arkansas' Strongest Man & Woman at Rock City Crossfit on April 22, 2017! Welcome to the Revolution!


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