My US Strongman: Jordan Donaldson at SCL 105 K Worlds!

September 21, 2016

The u105kg World Strongman Championship is over. I finished 6th overall and I’m satisfied with that placing despite the competitive drive that pushes me to reach for a 1st place podium visit. The other America hero, Kevin Faires (Utah), came in to dominate the competition by winning four out of the seven events held at Worlds, which secured his victory by 14 points. He is now the u105kg World Champ. Im convinced they put something in the water out there in Utah, his coach Van Hatfield recently took 4th at Masters World Championship. I look forward to many more years battling it out with Kevin and building our friendship, hell maybe even one day I can actually beat him. Kevin had a pretty good rookie year, 1st National champ and now Worlds. Tim Kovach and Aaron Fondry performed like animals as well. Aaron literally had the blood to show for his performance and Tim was so determined he tried to run through a Toyota pickup. We all made it back to the homeland safe and sound, ready to get back to the GRIND!!!


 I would like to thank the United States Strongman President Willie Wessels for creating this opportunity happen for us, and also for being there to support and coach all of us on Team USA. He’s still a coach at heart, hoarse by the end of day two with his stopwatch out for every event. I’d also like to thank my Coach Chad Coy for prepping me for this competition. Chad created strongman back in the 1930s, when he swam across the ocean to bring strongman to the U.S. (and if you don’t believe me ask Clint Darden). I started working with Chad in May of 2016 when I was new to the sport and only training about twice a week due to my work situation. We sat down and decided that we had a lot of work to do, but I was up for the challenge. My two main goals were to podium at nationals and then qualify for worlds. Something I always joke about Chad is that when we would train at other locations people often asked if he was my dad…and then I would mercilessly pester him about how old he was. However, placing 9th at Masters Worlds two weeks before my own Worlds competition, the old bull can still kick my ass and I know it. 



Next I’d like to thank my fiancé, DeAdria, for being my number one fan, for always being there during the ups and downs, and for s