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We Got Lizzie Cakes, Yes We Do! We Got Lizzie Cakes, How About You?

Shore Girl turned StrongWOman: Welcome to the New Jersey State Rep!!!

Liz “Lizzie Cakes” Demato is a nationally qualified strongWOman competitor who came into the sport later than some. In 2010 after completing her graduate degree, she was introduced to strength sports by way of CrossFit. After realizing that she gravitated more towards the odd object carry events, she went to Norway to get her Strongman certification (while 5 months pregnant mind you). Training with athletes on a world wide scale really ignited the fire for Liz. Only 6 weeks post-partum, she decided to find a strength coach so that she could make the jump from CrossFit to Strongman. She has competed for the HWW class in NY and PA and truly enjoys building relationships with the athletes she meets. “Finding my strength as a woman is what drew me to the sport. Athletes of strongman are inclusive and supportive even if they’re your competition that day. But being a promoter has really allowed me to reach individuals I never would have met before.”

Liz promoted Pennsylvania’s Strongest Man/Woman 2019 (alongside USS PA State rep Mike Rusonis) simultaneously with 82.5KG Men’s and 105KG Masters Men’s Worlds which hosted upwards of 80 competitors. “It was an amazing experience seeing local athletes, as well as world’s competitors, battle it out side by side. Giving the ‘weekend warrior’ an opportunity to compete alongside world class competitors was an opportunity we were happy to offer the athletes that day.”

Despite COVID obstacles, Liz is set to promote three shows in 2020/2021 which are all sold out in PA and NJ. Her goal is to grow the sport of strongman in her home state of New Jersey and show what the east coast has to offer. “COVID changed a lot for the gyms and promoters across the world. But if nothing else, strength sports has shown me what resiliency our athletes have. We have over 60 competitors in both the larger PA and NJ shows and can’t wait to see everyone again.”

In her personal life, Liz is raising a 4 year old who she hopes one day will follow in her steps and fall in love with strength sports. “I don’t care if she chooses CrossFit or Strongman or even powerlifting. I just want her to find something she is passionate about and run with it. As a woman raising a daughter, it is very important to me to show her that she has power within her she doesn’t even realize. When a female finds her strength, regardless of whether it’s in sports or life in general, she is unstoppable. That’s what I want….her to remain the force that she truly has shown herself to be already.” In her spare time, Liz raises funds for Special Olympics of NJ (SONJ) and has been doing so for the past 10 years. All of the funds raised in competitions has been donated in years past to SONJ and she is hoping this year is the biggest donation yet. “I not only want to show women how much inner strength they have but want to show the public that individuals with developmental disabilities shouldn’t be ignored either. Without SONJ, individuals with disabilities would have little opportunity to engage in strength sports. I have seen some amazing feats from the most unassuming individuals. It teaches you a lesson: not to judge someone by their outer appearance or perceived disability. They can and WILL surprise you every time.”

We want to welcome Liz and can’t wait to see what she brings to New Jersey!!

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