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Coach Barkley Returns to Motor City's Strongest Man/Woman

Motor City’s Strongest Man/Woman started out as a contest in a parking lot in Warren, Michigan on a cold, rainy day in May 2011. The contest has shifted locations twice. The first move was to Warren Mott High School where it spent six amazing years helping kids. Unfortunately, due to the publicity of running the highest profile Nationals at that time, a crazed maniacal anti-strongman hermit contacted higher ups in the district using slander and scare tactics to ruin me as a promoter, then teacher and still coach, and the good I was doing in the community for those same students I taught and served. At this same time, completely unrelated, I set off in a new career venture. These events prompted another move. Fortunately, Shane Rickman, Tina Kinsley, and the Strength Depot family opened their doors and hearts and carried on the tradition of Motor City's Strongest Man and all the good it does. I am truly thankful that they stepped in and ran the contest the last two years, keeping Motor City Strongman alive and creating a great experience for all of those who competed. Motor City, has always been a fundraiser first - that is why the school was such a great venue - it was given to me for a small fee, as all proceeds go towards the Coach Barkley 4 Year Football Scholar-Athlete scholarship. To date, 15 student-athletes have benefited with just over $22,000 raised and distributed to the scholarship winners. I share all this to answer a question I have received numerous times, "why did you stop promoting after 2017 Nationals?" It was never my intent to stop, but due to the aforementioned changes I elected to temporarily step away, which is where Shane and his crew came in to keep the tradition alive and to whom I am ever thankful. Please be sure to join me in the 2020 installment of the MCSM. The entry is on the upcoming events page. I look forward to seeing you there and continuing to make a positive impact on the lives of our community's youth! Thanks, Coach Barkley  


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