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Strength Shop USA 2020 USS Nationals Welcomes Advanced Performance Therapy MN as a Lane Sponsor

Danielle Marie, owner and CEO of Advanced Performance Therapy MN, has been in the Body Work industry for 20 years. Danielle has a deep understanding and appreciation of the needs of people from all walks of life; She is a mother, business owner and has been competing in strongman since 2015. This culminated in a runner up placing in her weight class, at the United States Strongman Nationals In Ohio in 2019.

Throughout her career, Danielle has adopted her own technique that draws on a number of tools to tailor therapy to each individual person that she works with. The foundation of this therapy is to work with the connective tissue and break up the adhesion's that are causing restriction. This technique is not necessarily painful and reduce further inflammation.

While Danielle's technique of preference is hands on, she will incorporate hot stones, cupping, aromatherapy, fascia stretching and other methods that may be of assistance to treat your aches and pains.

Danielle has 2 Locations Los Campeones gym & Osseo, Mn; she books out extremely fast so be sure to schedule in as soon as possible, for your pre-nationals body work.

Instagram: advanced_mn or danielle_marie0712

Welcome Advance Performance Therapy MN!

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