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From Ironman to Strongman... Welcome, Mike, to the USS Ranks!

A Chicago-area native, Mike played football and wrestled at Naperville Central High School before attending DePauw University where he played offensive line for the Tigers.

After college, he continued to live an active lifestyle as a multi-sport athlete, competing in more than 30 triathlons, including three Half-Ironmans and one Ironman race. But, Mike doesn’t really like to run, so in 2011, he shifted his training focus to strongman and has since competed, won and placed in dozens of local, regional and national contests (including a 5th place finish at USS Nationals in 2019 as a 50+ Masters Heavyweight competitor).

Mike also recently promoted his first competition, the Warpath Strength Push/Pull For Patriots, and is currently planning to host another one in May. As much as he wants to host shows that provide opportunities for athletes to compete, his has made it his mission to ensure that each competition he promotes will benefit a local charity. His first competition raised more than $1,000 for the Fisher House Foundation, which provides comfort homes to military families whose loved ones are receiving care at a VA Hospital.

In addition to training and competing, Mike also coaches the strongman team at Jakked Hardcore Gym in Montgomery, Illinois. He is extremely passionate about the sport and is committed to helping grow the sport and community of athletes in Illinois and the throughout the entire Midwest.

Mike is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer who also holds certifications from Training For Warriors and Onnit Academy. He works as a strength coach and personal trainer at Life Time Fitness in Schaumburg, IL, where he helps his clients become stronger, better versions of themselves.

His contact information can be found on the USS State Rep page HERE.

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