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2020 USS Nationals Lane Sponsor - MANIMAL


Life will throw adversity your way no matter what you try to accomplish. The obstacles will come in many forms and the more you fight the more you will face. It is a proving ground and only the experienced will be rewarded.

We believe any man who trains hard within his discipline, with animal-like determination and will, can overcome any obstacle that is thrown his way and ultimately achieve his goals.

Those who choose to follow the herd will fall victim to life's adversities while those who choose to Stand Apart will grow to be victorious. This is MANIMAL.


The wolf is the animal MANIMAL best relates to. Part of a society yet capable on its own, strong and agile from years of growth, a traveler who can cross regions while never being noticed, adaptive to different environments, ruthlessly determined and aggressive when survival is on the line and most importantly the one animal that has the ability to change its surroundings for the good of nature.

As a brand we encourage strength, change and growth. This is why our mark is a blend of a Wolf Paw and a Human Hand. When you see this symbol it will remind you to Stand Apart.


Rewind to 2010. We are coaches and owners in a CrossFit box. Athletes are wrapping their wrists with athletic tape and then painfully ripping them off afterwards to throw out every day after a training session or competition. We were tired of ordering tape, we still had wrist injuries, pain and fatigue and we needed a sustainable solution.

We did a research on wrist wraps options that were available but none had specifically been made for CrossFit, a style of training that required both rigid support and mobility of the wrists during lifts and workouts combined.

After six months of research and development we created MANIMAL Wrist Wraps. Fast forward to the present and they have been proven and praised by CrossFit Athletes/Competitors, Strongman, Weightlifters, Powerlifters and Gymnast alike.


In 2009 we were living the CrossFit life, training day after day, coaching night after night and rarely ever doing anything that didn't have to do with increasing performance and pushing our limits. We wanted to wear apparel that displayed our way of life.

The only options at the time were poorly made t-shirts self proclaiming ourselves as "badasses" involving skulls or the opposite, which some found worse, unicorns puking glitter....(No we're not kidding.) We needed quality CrossFit apparel with deeper meaning we could relate to and wear within and outside of the gym.

We already had a background in design and business so we started making custom apparel for CrossFit gyms and by the beginning of 2010 we had enough saved up to release our first line of MANIMAL products.

Like our Mark our Apparel is a hybrid. A blend of fashion and athletic apparel. The best of both worlds and one we live and play in like you. Today MANIMAL may be a lifestyle brand that appeals to all who Stand Apart but we will never forget our roots as a true CrossFit brand.


MANIMAL is a socially conscious brand. We believe we have the opportunity to impact society around us through our message and business choices.

All MANIMAL apparel is 100% USA Made. The fabrics are sourced in the USA, cut and sewn, dyed and washed in Los Angeles and hand screen printed with eco-friendly inks in Portland, Oregon. This is how we support our local economy.

We donate to various charity organizations involved in Wildlife Preservation, American Youth, Women's Rights, Cancer Awareness & Treatment and Veteran Support. If you refer to the description of any MANIMAL Wrist Wraps you will find more information on what cause is supported by your purchase.


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