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MO Has a New Chief!

I got into Strongman after my wife DVR’d the 2016 Worlds Strongest Man because she knew I liked lifting weights. I watched the competition and thought to myself “This looks cool; I’ve never done anything like this.” I had no background in Strongman or Powerlifting but have always been pretty strong, I’d been training with weights since I was 16, so I thought I’d give this sport a try. I signed up for my first competition in April of 2017, then wound up finding one even closer to home in March, and the rest is history. This sport and the camaraderie got me hooked. I consider it a privilege to be a part of this community.

There was nowhere for me to train or get my hands on strongman implements within a reasonable driving distance from my home, so I took matters into my own hands. I linked up with a local gym owner to use their facility to host my first competition in November of 2017, where we had 50 competitors. I was once again blown away by the supportive atmosphere of the Strongman community when James Dalton and Willie Wessels came out to make sure this first show was a success. From there I decided to host another competition in April where we had 63 competitors, and for my July show we had 70. It has given me so much personal satisfaction to watch this sport grow in my local area.

In addition to hosting competitions, I spend time coaching my fellow athletes here in Lee’s

Summit, at Strongman Sunday training. I am honored to have this opportunity to serve as a Missouri state representative for United States Strongman. I look forward to watching this sport and the community continue to grow.


Facebook: KC Strongman

Instagram: @kcstrongman


Matthew Scott Sefton

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