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The Birthplace of the Nation gives us another State Rep!

I caught the strongman bug in late 2012 when I joined Brute Strength Gym to train for a firefighter physical fitness test. The fire department job didn’t pan out, but I was hooked on training events from the moment I loaded my first atlas stone. I started competing in 2013 at local strongman meets, placing well and enjoying the community of strength athletes. Nationals 2013 I placed 3rd as a LW, went to the Arnold soon after and have continued ever since to enjoy a very rewarding athlete journey! I have also competed and placed/won as a <165 powerlifter and <69kg olympic lifter. I have been a personal trainer since 2008, before that I was a group fitness instructor and active duty Navy. When I started training others to compete in Strongman, my goal was to produce athletes who were strong and performing with best possible technique. I train multiple national competitors and trained the first national champ title holder out of Brute, as well as many powerlifters, olympic lifting, and functional fitness athletes. I welcome this opportunity to serve the Strongman and Strongwoman community as a new state chair for Virginia. I am really looking forward to bringing some excitement and fun to our athletes!

Contact info: Phoebe Torres 757-818-2075 IG: mightymami_757

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