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WW3 Qualified Ladies from 2018 Nats!

Here is the Pro Women's Worlds qualifying list:

LW's Raquel Walters, Rachel Stone, Tiffany Tafoya, Lea Perham, Becky Rich, Emily  Cox Schnabel, Jillian Funk, Kristen Graham, Jordan Wildman, Jamie Wahl. 

MW's Laura Anderson, Kristen Boulay, Mead Jackson, Danielle Hertaus, Catherine Grygorcewics, Jodi Kennedy, Sarah Lanzillo, Cara Brennan, Maria Losapio, Catherine Toniatti. 

HW's Kim Derks, Linden Linden Thatcher Reed, Kristal Renaudette, Nicole Walters, Julia Dalton, Jessica Putland, Vivian Nguyen, Emily Pernice, Andrea Dowling, Morgan Morgan Gammel Ruf. 

SHW's Melissa Edwards, Fahran Robb, Lacee Carr, Tay Ray, Mekayla Breland, Laurie Middlesworth. 

Masters 148, Regina Benfante, Rebecca Liquari, Shannon Hammett. 

Masters 165, Sue Metcalf, Sara E Hernandez, Jennifer Orecchio. Master HW's Melanie Costantino, Karrie Ann Davis, Melissa Brown. 

Top three form the 2016 and 2017 Pro Women's Worlds in each division. 

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