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USS 2018 Nationals Update

Greetings from your USS 2018 Nationals promoter!!! As I write this, we are approximately at 359 athletes on board for the biggest Strongman competition ever to take place on June, 3oth 2018!!!

First, I’d like to remind the late comers that registration closes by midnight this Saturday, June 9th! There will be NO EXCEPTIONS so do not hesitate and let’s go!!!!!!!!!!

Second, after this date I will total all athletes and start to finalize the game plan. This is heavily based on how many athletes per weight class that we need to run, so we’ll know how many lanes needed to space everyone out to run efficiently. So be on the lookout for contest start time, arrival time, banquet time-frame, etc. in an article next week.

About weigh in’s…please check the athlete list on the USS Nationals page. If something is incorrect, let me know. This is what we are going with. Know this now…we are expecting 400+ athletes. If you do not make weight or do not tell me in advance and you have to move a weight class, you go to the front of the line. As the last weekend in June approaches my wife and I will probably not sleep for 48-72 hours preparing everything, we won’t be checking to see what order you signed up in.

Day of, yes, there will be 400 athletes. I have close to 75 volunteers now so the competition floor is for just that, competition. I have been asked numerous times so will address it here. We just cannot run a smooth show with no structure. 475 plus your coach to help you with ammonia salts or spouse to video you won’t work. Especially when it’s the Tire Flip and Drag and that will be at least 24 lanes moving simultaneously! You can have the person next to you help you out. And if you are an athlete who IS allowed on the floor, please keep this in mind. Let the athletes perform and staff do their job. Thank you in advance!!!

If you haven’t seen it yet, this is the competition shirt! Blue will be for ALL athletes, red for Staff and black for promoters. If you ordered an extra shirt with your registration, it will be blue and will be in your athlete bag at registration. Your badge to get in venue, ticket for banquet, additional ones will be in the bag as well. Also, some goodies form a couple sponsors!

For the past couple years, I have used a small business to hand make every single trophy. We are extremely excited to release it now!!! Thank you, Knudsen Fabrication!

And finally, everyday things keep unfolding here in New York.

Some Italians from this area wear gold chains but not me. I roll with the super 2” thick rope around my neck 😊

Yes, this is the 100’ long, 2” thick rope you will use on the ARM OVER ARM TRUCK PULL event! Local strongmen and women and gym owners, I have 6 left to sell cheap afterwards so contact me if you’re interested.

Ok that’s it for now and be on the lookout for another article with more info next week!

-Toddy G


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