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Timing is Everything - Your 2017 Nationals Lane Assignments and Order!!!

Athletes here is what you have been waiting for and as I have stated since the day nationals was announced that order of entry would be important. Oh, and guess where the info is?! On the 2017 Nats page on YOUR USS website, as always...

As you can see this will be your projected order and lane assignments for the first four events. Event five will be based on your OVERALL standing going into that event. As of today there will be no more changes between divisions (example. LW moving to MW). You can still move in your division the day of weigh ins, (example: a HW 242 not making weight having to move to 275). You are still in the same division so you maintain your order of entry. But if you cant make weight and have to move up a division you move to the front of the line in that division.

Here are your times for weigh-ins on Friday at the host hotel:




Rules will be at 8:30PM in the same place! If you want the rules to go fast read them on the website, or look at the FB page as most of your possible questions have already been answered.

On, Monday the schedule for the contest day and banquet will be posted. Still working on some final details.

So, have a great weekend, spend time with friends and family, wish your old man a Happy Father's day!


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