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United States Strongman Nationals! Presented by Cerberus Strength USA - The Biggest and the Best. Ev

Your United States Strongman has done it. Again. Smashing records. Raising the bar. That is-what-we do!

Welcome to Detroit, all 342 of you plus the extra 47 of you that are helping out. I guess Detroit is not that scary of a place to come to and possibly leave with some nice belts or opportunities to compete at other high level shows. There was a lot of talk about this contest being in a scary city, and yes it is scary if you are not willing to work. Congrats to all of you on being part of the biggest STRONGMAN CONTEST EVER and contest that all others will be measured on. We will be running ten lanes with high quality equipment (over 50% which was made right here in the Detroit area), high level judges and staff, and a fast pace contest. More details to follow for athletes, remember order of entry was important for the first 4 events.

The Four Horsemen of the USS Revolution want to thank:

Cerberus Strength USA

Play Again Now

Tri-Covery Massage and Flexibility

Samson Strong

Troy Laser and Fabrication

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