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At USS, We Listen. Check Out Updated USS Nats Weight List and Weight Classes!

United States Strongman is always willing to listen to athletes as we ourselves are athletes. After talking to some athletes and the others, there have been some adjustments to the weights and a couple classes have been added. For both LW and HW male teens the weights have been lowered. We have also added a 50+ master’s class for both the men and women. Now, the question falls to you the athlete. Classes have been added are you willing to fill them, like other contest the reason some promoters don't offer a lot of classes is because athletes do not fill them. Master athletes and teens here is your chance make a difference, come and compete.

Masters athletes for the men, the top three in the LW and HW class earn their masters pro card. For the women, the top five in each weight class qualify for women’s worlds along with the top three in the LW and HW masters class qualifies for pro women’s master’s worlds. This contest has prize money this year, more details to follow. Also for the men, there is an Arnold World Series spot, SCL spots and many more to come.

So, athletes here is your chance to make your voice heard. You ask for more opportunities, well here are some opportunities. You have 23 more contests to get qualified before the deadline. If you already qualified, sign up soon as order of entry matters. The question is who is coming to Detroit to come get them.

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