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The 2nd Annual Winter Strength Pro-Am Write-up!

This year’s contest brought another great group of competitors to RABFitness in Kennewick, WA. We had the honor of being able to give away a spot to The Arnold in Brazil to our Pro-Division winner sponsored by Beneath The Bar. The Pro-Division athletes also received $250 dollars per event win for the day thanks to our generous sponsors. The athletes traveled from all over the Pacific Northwest and as far away as Arizona to compete in five events testing their strength, fitness and determination.

First event of the day was the Desert Chiropractic Tire Squat for Reps. Much like you would see at the World’s Strongest Man the athletes had to squat to parallel touching both tires to boxes and then standing back up. The weights ranged from 211lbs for the Teen Men to 650lbs for the Pro-Division. In the Teen division Oscar Madrigal had 17 reps, Erin Murray had 15 reps at 271lbs in the Open Women’s middleweight, Christopher Hoffarth racked up 21 reps in the Men’s lightweight and Patrick “The Cannon” Castelli banged out 18 reps in the Men’s middleweight at 451lbs. In the Pro-division the battle heated up from the start with Brendan Page hitting 6 reps for the event win.

Second event was the Lamb Weston Carry and Load Medley. Athletes had to carry and load 3 or 4 sandbags and kegs to a platform from 30 feet away. This was a great test for our athletes! In the Women’s lightweight division JoAnn Hagadorn finished all 3 implements in 37.10 seconds. Walt Edelen rocked it in the Master’s lightweights finishing in 52.38 seconds. David Vieru won the event for the heavyweight men finishing in 49.41 secs and in the Pro-division Brendan Page finished three of the implements in 34 secs for the win.

Third event was the Total Care Press Medley. Athletes had to press a log, giant dumbbell, and then clean and press an axle for as many reps possible in the remaining time. In the teens Oscar Madrigal hit 12 big reps on the axle for his second event win. Joann Hagadorn got her third event win for the lightweight women hitting four reps on the axle. Chad Schmidt racked up his second event win in the heavyweights hitting 3 reps with the 260lb axle.

Fourth event of the day! Matheson Chiropractic Super Yoke. The athletes had to carry the Yoke 30 feet drop it and turn around bringing it back 30 feet. In the Master’s heavyweights Dennis Long took the 700 pound yoke the distance in 23.97 seconds. Patrick Castelli competing as both a heavyweight and middleweight finished the 600 pound yoke in under 11 seconds and the 800 pound yoke in just over 20 seconds. Phenomenal effort for a sub 200 pound competitor. Brendan Page completed the 920 pound Yoke in just under 24 seconds for the Pro-division.

The final event of the day had the athletes testing their static strength with the Land FX Max Deadlift. This was a last man standing event at the end of five grueling events for the day. I have to say that I don’t think a single athlete left anything in the tank for this event. In the Teen division Trevor Lease pulled 365 pounds for the event win. The most outstanding lift by our female competitors came from Erin Murray. She cranked out a 425 pound pull at under 165 pounds bodyweight. Did I forget to mention she pulled this with no suit, belt, or straps needed. Just chalk and grit! Our Master’s heavyweights slugged it out with Dennis Long hitting a big 700 pound pull for the event win. Dennis just missed his national record attempt at 730 pounds. I have no doubt he will hit that in the near future. Andrew Lehti had the biggest pull of the day from our amateur competitors hitting 727 pounds. In our Pro-division it was a straight dogfight!! Each athlete went lift for lift finally topping out at 760 pounds! Great work gentleman.

We want to send a huge thanks to our sponsors for all their wonderful support.

Beneath The Bar

Desert Chiropractic

Total Care Clinics

Land FX

Lamb Weston

Matheson Chiropractic

Egg Whites International


Kodiak Cakes


Emily Rose


Strongwoman Designs

Great Harvest Bread

The Bookworm

Christie Jo Photography

We must also recognize the hard work put in by our event staff who all volunteered their time and energy to make this contest a success. I would also like to thank Roger and Ally Baker of RABFitness for the use of their facility.

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