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The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should be at USS Nationals 2016!

There are 10 days to get your entry forms mailed in for the 2016 United States Strongman Nationals in Louisville, KY. And, while there are still four contests at which to qualify this weekend, the question is, if you have already qualified why haven't you signed up? Well if you are on the fence waiting for the next big thing, here are the Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be at the 2016 United States Strongman Nationals!

Number 10: Louisville KY is the home of Bourbon!

Sign me up!! (Aaron West too!)

Number 9: 4th Street Live is one big party!!!

Concerts, festivals and now USS Nats!

Number 8: Custom made equipment!

Our equipment sponsor, Monster Rings and Cages, has outdone themselves this year. And all the equipment is for sale after the event!

Number 7: Top Notch Promoters!

The McCann's have have really laid the groundwork for an amazing show! And, with the USS Four Horsemen on board this will be the very best run Strongman, event PERIOD!!!

Number 6: Another Awesome T-shirt Design!

This is just a rough draft but it looks amazing!

Number 5: Equipment that has been tested!

Our very own USS Prez Willie Wessels tested the equipment for the big dance!

Number 4: The Championship Belts!!!

Who will claim the hardware this year?

Number 3: Opportunity for Strongwoman!

USS Pro Women's Worlds was announced on October 24, 2015 at the Matriarch Melee and the there is $6000 cash already lined up! Once again USS is the innovator! What's in your World Championship purse?

Number 2: Opportunity for Strongmen!

We got guys going to the Arnold Classic Europe, the Ultimate Strongman Master and Junior Worlds and Strongman Champions League 90 Kg & 105 Kg Worlds and we will have new Master's Pros!

And the number one reason to be at the 2016 USS Nationals...

Everyone else is going! As of today there are 214 entries! This is now "officially" the largest strongman/ strongwoman show in history! And, with 4 more qualifying shows and 10 days left to postmark, who knows what heights YOUR USS Strongman will reach! Thank you for your support and we will see you in Louisville!!!

PS: Here are some reasons that weren't in the TOP 10 but real close:

The Hairy Bear Convention is a week earlier.

Finding out what is under Vachio's kilt

Aaron West's beard.

Being on Mike J's bar tab.

John Albrechts guyliner.

Brad Dunn singing country songs.

Everyone loves Willie.

Bourbon. No wait, bourbon made the list. But, it was worth mentioning again.

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