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Oregon Joins the Revolution!

YOUR United States Strongman is proud to welcome Oregon and new State Representative, Andrew Lehti. Oregon makes State number 37 and we are sure proud to have more USS Representation on the West Coast! Here is more from Andrew in his own words.

"I have been competing and involved with strongman since 2012 and have competed in 9 contests. I had my first competition that December and have been hooked ever since. I am from Salem, Oregon, which means that there is a lot of travel involved, going to all the shows in the Northwest. The sport as I saw it was not going to grow as fast as it could if the average novice athlete, unsure if they even wanted to compete, had to drive 4+ hours to get to a contest. "

"In June 2015 I promoted and ran my first show, the 2015 Summer Strength Challenge in Salem. I was hooked running shows almost as much as I was competing. This was an unsanctioned show but opened my eyes as to what it took to run a great and fun show. I held another unsanctioned contest last October, the Monsters of Strength, which helped me understand even more what it took. Finally January 2016 I ran a sanctioned show, the Colossus Challenge. This was a huge victory as we had at one point almost 100 spectators watching. I knew it was a success because the barista where I get my coffee the next day asked if I was the one who did the strongman show she had seen on Facebook the night before. I want to continue to help grow this sport and I believe USS is the organization to be involved in to accomplish that.

Welcome state number 37 and welcome aboard, Andrew!


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