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USS Nats Sponsor 4Armour: Made in the U.S.A.!

4Armour, LLC is a small American business started out of true passion for all things heavy. In 2013, we made our first pair of sleeves from some old scraps and shoe laces. A few hundred sleeves later, we have it down to a science. We’re an unconventional group of people with an undying devotion to detail and quality. Our commitment to doing things right is what makes our sleeves an essential training tool for both professional and amateur athletes. Even though our sleeves are worn all over the world, we source 100% of our leather, hardware, labor and laces from the USA, and we always will. We could not be more proud to say that we have truly built a lifetime product.

Like a fine bourbon whiskey, 4Armour Stone Sleeves are hand crafted in small batches in the USA. Every pair starts as premium full grain leather which is then sewn with high tensile thread. Our sleeves are then furnished with heavy duty, corrosion resistant eyelets. Finally, our sleeves are laced up with military grade nylon cord rated to withstand 550 lbs force. These meticulously selected ingredients come together to create an indestructible sleeve that will help you lift even the most colossal of stones. Engineered and hand made by real human beings, 4Armour stone sleeves mean business!

Thanks for supporting us and STAY STRONG!

-The 4Armour Team


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