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USS Pro Women's Worlds!

Your United States Strongman is proud to bring you the USS Pro Women's Worlds on October 28th and 29th in Louisville, KY. Once again our friend Robby McCann will be promoting with the full support of the US Strongman 4 Horsemen!

The USS Pro Women's Worlds will start on Friday night with 3 events and finish up Saturday afternoon with 2 more. The contest will be in conjunction with the Kentucky Muscle NPC event which averages 10,000 fans per day. The event will also feature an amateur strongman contest on Saturday morning.

"We are very excited about this event," said USS Strongman President Willie Wessels. "We have worked hard to bring opportunities to all strongman competitors. The women's segment of the sport is the fastest growing and we want to recognize their accomplishments."

Four contests were selected from coast to coast to ensure maximum opportunities for strongwomen from all over the coutry to qualify. There have been two USS Pro Women's Worlds qualfiers already with two more scheduled. Top athletes from USS Nationals will also qualify. International athletes may qualify through their governing bodies and contact the USS Home office for details. INTERNATIONAL INQUIRIES.

The first show was the Matriarch Melee hosted by Chad Cochran on October 24, 2015 in New York. Qualifying athletes include:

Ashley Lawrence

Lisa Stella

Amanda Ormania

Cynthia McCright

Stephanie Tropea

Shirlee Manoogian

Billie-Jean Mcloughlin

Heather Osswald

The second show was Jul Valkyrie hosted by Brandi Asher on 12/12/2015 in Detroit, Michigan. Qualifying athletes include:

Christina Bangma

Carolyn Raney

Audra Kovalchuk

Elizabeth Carpenter

Kate Trautschold

Katie Ebach

Rachel Thatcher

China Batyik

Mollie Adams

The next event will be The Strongest Southern Belle in Cynthiana, KY on February 27, 2016 and will be hosted by Robbie McCann. For more information visit FB EVENT PAGE.

The 4th qualfying contest, The Femme Fatale Strongwoman Classic, will be held in Fresno, CA in conjucntion with the Fresno Classic NPC event. For more information visit FB EVENT PAGE. Or for the ON-LINE ENTRY FORM CLICK.

US Strongman Athlete Advocate, Mike Johnston, commented, "This event, these contests are a celebration of the beauty of the female form. The powerful, strong, bad-ass female athlete. The pro status is about money. There will be cash awards for the ladies. We aren't creating a new "pro class" and saying okay now you are a pro strongwoman, good luck! The athletes will be welcome to return to any USS event and compete as before, and of course, they will get the opportunity to qualify and compete at another "pro event!"

More information about events, hotels, etc. will be coming soon!

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