Hope for the Holidays 9: Giving Families a Merry Christmas!

I look back at all of the Hope contest I have held. This actually started back in 1998. Jim Davis and I ran this contest for a few years together. Later, I hosted this contest at Eagle gym. Then in 2007 the name Hope for the Holiday's came to me. It's been called that ever since. A lot of good things have been accomplished with this contest.

OLH children home has benefited the most. The Leukemia foundation, Make a Wish, American Heart Association and many families have benefitted also. This year we our adopting 9 families. I am so impressed by the strongman community on how they support contest like this one. I do love this sport and all the people involved in it.

If you would like to show support to the 9 families, please vist our Go Fund Me Page!

This also happens to be the last contest of 2015 and USS's 74th contest this year. I am blown away by all of your support of USS.

Love you all,

Willie Wessels


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