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Indiana Strong!

Back home again in Indiana, And it seems that I can see...

Indiana, The Heartland and Crossroads of America, has been up to its elbows in the strength community as of late! Veteran promoters such as Aaron Molin, Mike Johnston, John Albrecht and Chad Coy, along with new promoters John O’Connor and Tyler Miller are setting the bar pretty high for years to come!

Since the inception of USS in June 2014, Indiana has already hosted three sanctioned shows, with at least two more coming before the end of 2015. The second show of USS history was last summer, August 15 hosted by Tyler Miller, owner of Force Barbell. Then on November 8m, 2014 3 Rivers Strongman happened when John O’Connor, Indiana Co-Representative for USS and owner of Stout Barbell, sanctioned his first show with USS. In February 2015, Co-Representative John Albrecht along with his wife Amanda, hosted the 5th installment of the Hoosier Strength Challenge. At the time it was the largest USS show and may still be.

Come June 27, 2015 John Albrecht will host the first ever USS Nationals in conjunction with the Ultimate Strongman Pro Masters contest in Indianapolis. Shortly after that Aaron Molin and Mike Johnston are bringing a qualifier (unsanctioned) to Giants Live – the path to WSM along with a very competitive show for 105K Pros and Amateurs that wish to test themselves.

Many of these shows and promoters have been helped by uber-long time promoter and competitor Chad Coy, offering up advice, equipment and more. Needless to say Indiana is ROCKIN’ in the Strongman world! Here in Indiana we hope to keep you comin’ round.

Thanks to all the promoters for their hard work, the hard work of their staff and to the competitors and their fans for their attendance. We hope to keep and build this tradition of strength in the Heartland.




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