USS Learning Series with Minnesota State Rep Pete Berg! Warm-ups!

As you get ready for your next meet don’t forget about planning warm ups. A lot of people work the events leading up to the meet with normal sets and reps to get them to contest weight, but don’t put much effort into what are they going to warm up with at the meet.

You don’t want to go to a meet and do a full work out as a warm up and leave weight or time in the warm up area. You want to only do what your body needs to get ready for the event so you can be fresh and fully recovered before you go. Make a plan test it out on event days a couple weeks before the meet and see what you need; this will be different for every lifter. Simple because of how much you have to warm up to get to your contest weight or maybe you have an injury that requires more work to become fully prepared before your lift. This is not something you should figure out on meet day.

If I have a max effort lift I will write down what I want warm ups and I keep the reps low. If it’s a medley or truck pull to start the meet you don’t want to waste your effort in doing the whole thing. Maybe just warm up with some bands and pick up a couple of objects take the first few steps or work the start on the truck. Once the first event is done you don’t need as much work to warm up as you are already warm but if you don’t train it that way it can be a big shock to your body.

So remember don’t forget to make warm ups part of your meet training plan. Test them out, write them down and help take the stress out of competing.

Train hard and train smart! See you on the platform.

Pete Berg, USS Minnesota State Representative

Be sure to check-out the United States Strongman Minnesota FB page for great contest and training info!

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