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Three Big Shows This Weekend!

Your United States Strongman, Inc. is proud to have three shows this coming weekend on September 6th. Ohio State Representative Shawn Shumaker will be having a street party in Youngstown, OH with the Team BSS End of Summer Throwdown. The event will be held on Commerce Street outside the Rustbelt Taphouse. The event will feature a firetruck pull, a cross-fit challege, live music and a pig pickin'!

Iowa State Representative Casey Day will be hosting a Lift 4 Lupus event in Davenport, IA at QC Barbell. The proceeds of the event will go to Lift 4 Lupus and the United States Strongman, Inc. membership fees will be part of the contest entry fee! This event will also be an Iowa state record setting event!

Promoter Dan Maki will host the Corktown Strongman Showdown 2014 Fundraiser for Relentless Detroit. The event will be held at Detroit tough Gym in Detroit, MI. The spectator fee will be a piece of clothing that will be donating to a local homelss veterans organization!

Innovation, giving back and fun is what your United States Strongman, Inc. is all about! Kudos to Shawn, Casey and Dan!



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