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Your United States Strongman, Inc. Illinois State Representative lives strength training at work and at play! Check-out Quint Zambon in his own words.

I am Quint Zambon and I am the United States Strongman, Inc. State Representative for Illinois. I am the Head Strength Coach for Davis Speed Center, an Athlete specific training facility in Crystal Lake Il., which is also the gym where I train. I am entering my 4th year competing in strongman. Before Strongman became my #1 sport, I was a NCAA Div II Soccer and Baseball player.

As a strongman I was the National Runner Up in the 175 lb weight class in 2013. I have finished twice in the top 10 in the World in the Strongman Fitness Class.

I work with many athletes from the youth to professional level in just about every sport imaginable. Over the last few years I have added an entire strongman/strength athletics team that has enjoyed a large amount of success in a short period of time. My goal is to help this sport continue to grow and become more successful. I want to give back to strongman what it has given to me, and even more, what the importance of strength has done for so many of the young men and women I work with.

I look forward to bringing United States Strongman, Inc. to Illinois. My phone, email, door, etc. are always open if there is anything I can do or any way I can help all of you. Don’t hesitate to contact me no matter how small you may think the question or issue may be.

Quint Zambon

United States Strongman, Inc. Illinois State Representative


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