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New York, New York! Engels Checks In!

Your United States Strongman is proud to add Nick Engels to the team. Nick will serve as Co-State Rep of New York. Nick is a veteran promoter and philanthropist. Here is more from Nick:

I have been competing in strongman since 2009. My brother was doing it, and being as competitive as we are, I wanted the chance to beat him in front of crowds. Today, I’m proud to say I focus more on running shows than competing. Since 2011, I have hosted Lift For Autism in Wallkill, NY.

The show has raised more than $20,000 for the Autism Society and I am so proud of that. The competitors come and out and give not not only their blood, sweat and tears, but open their wallets as well.

We wouldn’t be anywhere without the competitors that make it as big as it is today. I love the sport and the competition. There is nothing better than watching complete strangers root each other on and push each other further even though they are vying for the same first place. It is a sport of true gentleman and ladies I look forward to making the sport better as I serve as your New York State co-rep.

Welcome to the Revolution, Nick!


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