USS Announces Partnership with Iron Podium

August 27, 2020

United States Strongman, in an effort to streamline our processes and simplify the end user experience, is excited to announce a partnership with Iron Podium. Some of you may be familiar with Iron Podium, based out of Richmond, VA. In the last year or so Iron Podium founders Craig and Lindsey Kilgo have developed and rolled out an impressive event registration and scoring system with an even better, and simpler, user interface.


This partnership will officially begin January of 2021 and extend, at a minimum, through 2023, but the preparation has already begun. In this partnership Iron Podium will collect all membership registrations, handle contest sanctioning, host the USS store for your favorite apparel, carry all USS event registrations, and provide the online scoring app. All individuals will need to create an Iron Podium Account.



Beginning in 2020 when you register for a USS membership, you will no longer need a sticker or digital card. Your name will be stored in the IP database. What this means for you, the athlete, is that you will register online for the membership, and when registering for any competition you will automatically be verified as a member. If you happen you happen to sign up for a competition before registering for your USS membership, you will be prompted to register at that time. In either case, you will not allowed to compete unless you have done both. Memberships will still be valid from January 1 to December 31 of the current year. USS State representatives will still receive a free USS membership through Iron Podium. Details will be sent to USS Reps at the appropriate time.



Beginning in the year 2021, all USS shows will be required to use Iron Podium as their meet registration and scoring app. If you have already scheduled a meet for 2021, you will be required to set up your registration with Iron Podium as soon as possible. If you plan on promoting in 2021, you should use Iron Podium now.


How will this work?  When you sanction your contest, you will do so through Iron Podium. It will look familiar, asking the same questions and acknowledgements as before. Once sanctioning has been applied, USS will approve or deny based on the traditional parameters. Remember, you must sanction your contest at least six weeks in advance. The system will be set up to automatically deny sanction application if less than 6 weeks out. This is to ensure that we are able to insure the contest.


As part of the sanction you will create your entry form. What is great about this is that it will all be done at the same time AND you can edit the entry form as needed! This includes the weight matrix. At the time of sanction, minimum information will be needed for the entry form. You will be able to log in and update as needed.


The fees associated with Iron Podium are in line with EventBrite, Square, and other financial payment apps, like a convenience fee. There will be no out of pocket expenses to Iron Podium from the promoter


As we prepare to launch is 2021 we will make tutorial videos to help both the promoters and athletes. Should you have any questions both the Kilgos and I will be accessible to help should you have any questions.


You can get to Iron Podium at and reach Craig or Lindsey at  My email is if you have any questions.



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