Iron Podium is a Game Changer

April 9, 2020

 After Nationals 2018 I spoke to Chris Vachio about the need for a Strongman scoring program. Hell, he may still have the text. At 2019 Nationals, my scoring partner, Alisha, and I had the same conversation and actually started planning it. It went way beyond just scoring.


Fast forward to Jan 25, 2020. I went to a record breaker show in NC and met Craig and Lindsey Kilgo. Both have competed in strength sports, including strongman, and saw same the same need. The difference between us? They had the knowledge and skill to bring that program, like what I had only dreamed of, to life! Craig is a programmer and code writer. Lindsey is a marketing guru. Together they thought of nearly every permutation of needs possible. The three of us got to chatting and going down the checklist of must-haves for this program and how to best utilize it, including scoring our 2020 nationals.


Strong-ladies and Strong-gents would like to present to all of you, Craig and Lindsey Kilgo and Iron Podium! This program is a start to end tool that allows you to host the entry, accept payment, score, and submit those scores. You can list sponsors and the weight matrix is there for you to edit as needed as well! Once sanctioned, please feel free to use this program to make your promoter life easier. If you already have an entry and would like to convert this over, simply go to and create your online entry. Once done, send me (john@unitedstatesstrongman) the link and I will update it on the site!


Promoters, I highly suggest that you take a look and prepare for fully digital entries in the "near" future. But don not fret old-timers, Craig and Lindsey will be available for help and over time we will help with some tutorials.


Looking forward to a promising future with Iron podium!


For more about Iron Podium go HERE. To contact Iron Podium, please use this email:

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