USS Women's Advisory Board

March 15, 2020

United States Strongman prides itself on doing what is best for all athletes and providing the most opportunities possible. This is especially true for the strongwomen! We saw that there was white space in the community for the women and have worked to fill that space since 2015.


Recently, we have learned that there has been a disdain within the women's sector in the strongman community. While we understand that not everyone will have the same experience at every event, we also like to know if there are any major issues or input/insight regarding those events. Unfortunately this hasn't happened. USS needs to know your thoughts when something isn't right so we can make it right.


As a result, USS is creating a Strongwoman Advisory Board. This board is strictly an advisory role for three ladies. USS will lean on this board to make sure things are right in the strongwoman community and to make sure that we are bringing women the best opportunities and environments for our female athletes. While this role is primarily focused on USS's Pro Women's World competition, USS will also consult with regard to any strongwomen related questions that require their attention.


While this is solely an advisory role, it may be very influential to USS and its policies, specifically to women. And, USS will look at all the good things that come from this board and evaluate how it may positively affect all strongman competitors. This role will require some time, mostly email correspondence with USS, but also occasional conference calls to discuss major opportunities to make strong woman the best it can be. Our intent going forward is that prior to USS's PWW, this board will advise and agree to all items and how it relates to the well being of competitors for this show as representatives of our women's community in strongman (strongwoman). In summary, it may require a few hours a month. As we grow into this board, we will set more standards of operation with regard to how we will all proceed. There will be some perks for the women elected as a thank you for their time.


We will conduct a nomination online through the website starting today and lasting for two weeks!  Athletes will be able to nominate who they think will be the best representatives for this role. An email will be required. Any multiple nominations from the same email will be removed, only keeping the most recent. Submissions with fake emails will also be removed. All nominations will be kept confidential from the nominees. Please use first and last names, NOT facebook names, while nominating. USS will tally the top three and invite them to join the board. Should one lady decline we will move down the line until we have all positions filled. There is no requirement of USS membership for this role. This can be any lady that competes, or did compete, and wants to see the best for all strongwomen and  help make this part of the strongman community thrive.


We look forward to hearing from you!  The form is located HERE. Happy nominating!

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