New Affiliate: The Bar Performance Gym

May 14, 2019

Here at The Bar Performance Gym we would love to see the strongman community grow in the Des Moines Metro. With Des Moines, IA being the capital of the state, we believe that we have the ability & the population to provide a bigger strongman & strongwoman community than what we currently have. That is why here at The Bar Performance Gym we want to provide a facility that has the equipment & implements so anybody in the surrounding Des Moines area can come train strongman, no matter what level you are. Right now, there are a lack of areas to train strongman in the Des Moines area and the few places that you can, lack equipment. We have been lucky

enough to have collected a good base of strongman implements over the past 2 years and believe we are leading with the amount of equipment/implements in the Des Moines area. We don’t plan on stopping are collection of implements & equipment for strongman. It is a goal of ours to have enough equipment one day for anybody training for a competition to know that they can count on our gym to have the equipment they need to get ready for any competition. That is why we hope by partnering with the USS by becoming an affiliated gym that it will help us in our mission in providing this service to the Des Moines metro strongman & strongwoman community.

  The Bar Performance Gym’s core value is functional strength training & with that we believe that we have a lot to offer. Jeremy the gym owner has an unbelievable amount of knowledge he has acquired over the past 11 years in training a wide variety of strength athletes. The first area of athletes that he trains competes in powerlifting. Out of all those athletes he has had 10 of them place in the top 3 in the World under the USPA Federation. Jeremy is 1 of those 10 himself. Out of that 10, 4 have been multiple year placers and 3 of them have been World Champions. Jeremy also is the Strength & Conditioning coach for the Bucks which is the Des Moines Junior Hockey League Team. He also is training 14-year-old Stock Car Racer that is looking to have a very promising future ahead of him.

 With the new upgrade space, the gym now has the proper space for strongman training and there is even a whole designated area for strongman. We have a wide variety of strongman equipment that continues to grow. Like mentioned above, it is a goal of ours to make sure we have everything an individual would need to prepare for a competition but also to be able to lend our equipment & implements out to anyone that wants to put on a competition.

Here at The Bar Performance Gym it doesn’t matter if you are a strongman/stongwoman just passing through; just starting out; or a world class competitor. You will be welcomed with open arms at The Bar Performance Gym.  







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