Digital Membership Cards? We Got 'Em!

January 30, 2018

In our continuing effort to provide our athletes ease and efficiency, we have partnered with Get Me Registered (GMR) to give you online and electronic Membership Cards!


The process is pretty simple. And and the end of it you can screen shot your card and save it on your phone, or print it off and keep it in your wallet. Here is the Step-By-Step:


1) Click on this LINK

        This link is also on the site HERE.


2) Agree to the waiver and fill out the form and pay



3) check your email for your confirmation.



4) Get your Transaction Number (copy it)



5) Go to the link that says "Click Here to Print Your Card"...  IT is in the email above the USS Shield. CLICK IT!



6) Paste your Transaction Number into the box



7) Screen shot or print your card.



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Digital Membership Cards? We Got 'Em!