Illinois Has a New USS Affiliate Gym!

May 7, 2017

Your United States Strongman is proud to welcome Next Level Strength as the newest USS Affiliate Gym! Let's hear from owners Zach and Brian! 





Zach Whitley and myself (Brian Shelton, BJ on facebook) are applying to become a United States Strongman facility.  We have several years of promoting Strongman and believe USS is the perfect partner for us to continue to grow the sport!  We have a vast array of commercial grade equipment along with countless strongman implements to train with.  We feature over 800 square feet of indoor turf as well!!  We plan to run several USS shows per year and will continue to hold ourselves to the best ethics, safety and consistency that this federation deserves.


Brian and Zach


Don't forget to check them out on-line on Facebook and their website


Welcome to the Revolution!