USS Nationals Axle Clean Rules!

April 14, 2017


The following video is tongue and cheek! Chad Coy clearly lays out the rules with plenty of options. Chad has been been doing the strongman dance for 20 years! If there is a way to get over, Chad has figured it out! Believe me the rules are designed for your protection. All we heard after the Arnold was how one judge did this and one did that. The rules said this or that but on the field the judges did or did not stick to the rules. As athletes, #FABA, we get it. You want uniformity. You want a fair shake. Especially at a big show. We hear you. We understand. The axle clean rules will eliminate the random judging and create a level playing field. Please enjoy the video and we will see you at USS Nationals in June


The Four Horsemen of the USS Revolution! 


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