International Strongman Federation Brings New Opportunities for Strongmen!

March 29, 2017

Your United States Strongman has been burning the midnight oil to provide opportunities for all athletes to enjoy fun and exciting events and to advance to the next level!  We have been approached by a group of young turks that are eager to advance the sport of Strongman for all the right reasons. Here is their story!


The International Strongman Federation or ISF was born out of a need to support Pro Strongmen internationally, devoid of politics, in-fighting and disputes between organizations that has done very little to protect and positively exploit strength athletics on the world stage.  It was created to promote the massive up swell of talent coming from international and US ranks. It was created to give back to charities and the communities that host its events. ISF was created to change the US public’s perception of what Strongman is and make its athletes household names again.  


The sport of Strongman in America is on the rise. However, it is still a niche sport and has achieved nowhere near the level of fame that it has in Europe. Many of its “hero’s” are European. Ask the average American about strongman and a few will remember “Kaz” the great Bill Kazmaier, but most will say “that Magnuson guy”, meaning Magnús Ver Magnússon. Magnus won the WSM title 4 times, the last being in 1996. They may have seen it on ESPN but that was some years ago. Now the sport is relegated to 1 hour on Christmas day. The birth and success of CrossFit has helped grow awareness and drive people to compete and watch. There is no better way to grow the sport then competition and Federations like USStrongman will hold over 100 competitions in the US this year alone.   Yet the level of support across the US is still not big enough.  ISF feels they can do better. We can bring athletes and potential sponsors together at events. We can ensure top medical care onsite; we can bring better prize packages, bigger exposure and bigger crowds to cheer them as they fight to be the best in the world. All of this without any politics involved. What is best for the athletes is best for the sport and the ISF.  We feel we can all succeed together.