My US Strongman: 8th Annual Motor City's Strongest Man/Woman!

March 22, 2017

This year, I am taking a different approach to doing my write up and telling it from the promoters point of view as athletes have been doing write up and post all over social media. I want to thank all the athletes, fans, and staff members that made this a great show, from what I was told. It is a team effort that goes into making this contest move as fast as it does. Myself, as a promoter, I want to run a show from start to awards in under 5 hours (get ready to move at nationals), this show would not be any different. We started a half hour late due to weather and were able to be done in still 4 ½ hours or 5 hours from the original start time.


As a promoter, I do not get to see most of the contest, the small bits I do get to see looked great.  For my wife and me the contest starts the day before with weigh-ins, and does not end until Sunday when we are able to recap and fix mistakes (as we talk to athletes after the contest) for next year. Check ins and post contest is when I get to actually talk and see t