United States Strongman Offers More Opportunity for All US Strongmen!

February 28, 2017

YOUR United States Strongman is at it again! The 4 Horseman of USS, once again are looking out for you! Always FOR Athletes By Athletes, USS is proud to announce more International Opportunity Contests!


USS and their promoters have already provided opportunities for a dozen athletes to compete overseas with two more headed to Arnold Classic Europe courtesy of USS Nationals on June 24, 2017 in Detroit, MI. Well friends, 2018 will be no different!


USS has agreed with Arnold Classic Productions to provide athletes for the ARNOLD PRO Strongman World Series in 2018. USS and some amazing USS States Reps and promoters have set up 5 contests across the country to give athletes ready to compete at the next level the opportunity to do so. More specifics will be announced later in the year, but the current line-up is Texas in December 2017 with the winner headed to Arnold Classic Australia, Minnesota in January 2018 with the winner headed to Arnold Classic Brazil, Georgia in March 2018 with the winner headed to Arnold Classic Africa, Utah in April 2018 with the winner headed to Arnold Classic Asia and USS Nationals in June 2018 with the winners headed to Arnold Classic Europe. 


Your United States Strongman 4 Horsemen want to personally thank Bob Lorimer and all the folks from Arnold Classic Productions for the chance to provide further opportunities for American athletes and of course all of our amazing State Reps and promoters. Thank you David Hamilton, Tim Kovach, Greg and Nicole Fields, Van Hatfield and the promoter of 2018 USS Nationals! (You guys thought I was give away the location to 2018 NATS, didn't you?)   


The USS family has made the deal and have agreed to pay $1500 toward flight and travel. Now, the rest is up to you, the athlete!


Carpe Diem!  

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