The Prez Speaks! Reflecting on USS Pro Women's Worlds 2016!

November 7, 2016

This started with a idea. Then it became a reality. More needed to be done for the women. Well, we did it. This was a group effort. Rob and Davey McCann happily took on the task of promoting and directing this event. Thank you gentlemen. Mike Johnston killed it with the writeups on each athlete and the social media. He also was masterful on the mic and expediting the show. John Albrecht and Crystal Barkley nailed it on the scoring. All of our staff worked their butts  off making sure everything was set up perfectly. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. 


To all 34 women who competed. You were part of history. The first of many uss women's worlds. You are the pioneers of women's strength in my opinion. I had so much fun watching all of you give it everything you had. To the first twelve pro women, congratulations. You have set the bar high for the next group. And what a group it is.




Christina, you may not be the most powerful of our four overall winners but your transformation of your physique showed everyone you came to win. Your dedication was second to none. Kim, I've known you for a long time. Nothing you do surprises me. Your will to compete impresses the heck out of me. Mary, I know nationals did not end the way you wanted. You were on a mission. You did it. Thank you for all you are doing for this sport. Then there was Samantha. What do I say about this young lady. Talk about relentless. She is the terminator in the SHW division. I can wait to see her at the Arnold on the main stage pulling. That will be so exciting. I hope I'm close enough to hug you again after you win.

Now let me talk a little about the masters division. We had a stack light weight Masters class. Due to injuries and a death in the family we were down to one. Well let me tell you this one has proven she is the best as a open 148 and the champ in the masters worlds in the light weight class. Lisa kromer is so amazing. She is a great representative for master women everywhere. In the heavyweight master class was a great bunch of ladies. I had fun joking with them all day. When the dust settled Valerie came out on top. I was at her first USS contest in WV. She worked so hard for this and I am so proud of her and all the master women. Thank you to all of you who support USS. We are here for you, the competitors.


I look forward to this division growing over the next year.


The Prez

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