My US Strongwoman: USS LW PRO Women's World Champ, Christina Bangma!

November 2, 2016

The sound of the roaring crowd. The music. The smoke and mirrors. The loud announcer. These are all things you think of when you envision an athlete becoming a pro. While a strongman competitor might still have a loud announcer calling their name much of the success and hype comes from within.


For months leading up to a competition you draw your inner strength to push yourself when no one is watching. All the soreness, bruises and exhaustion just to improve your time by 1 second or pull 1 more rep. All the self-doubt wondering if you are strong enough or fast enough to take the win. Have you trained harder than everyone else? Leave no doubt. Train your heart out.


My decision to compete at Pro Women’s Worlds wasn’t about proving to everyone else that I was strong enough or fast enough. It was about proving to myself that I was good enough t