US Strongman Affiliate Gym: The Mecca Gym in Meridian, ID.

June 1, 2016

Your United States Strongman is proud to welcome The Mecca Gym as a USS Affiliate Gym! Mecca will be hosting a USS event later this summer as a fundraiser for our American Heros, Wishes for Warriors!


Here is more from The Mecca!


The Mecca Gym as an organization sets itself apart for 5 major reasons.  


First and foremost are our people. Our gym was founded on service and training. It got its roots through Eric Cafferty’s small training studio, where he worked as a strength and conditioning coach for highly competitive athletes in powerlifting and bodybuilding. He has quickly become the standard for personal training; relying heavily on the individual’s needs, scientific programing, and the most current physiological research. With that, all our trainers have actively apprenticed under Eric; studying his methods and techniques. All but one have college degrees in the exercise physiology, kinesiology, or the human performance field. The exception being a Marine Corps Veteran who was tasked with training his platoon for deployments. He his currently pursuing a degree in Exercise Science. Even our front desk staff have an enormous amount of knowledge and experience as they are active competitors in various fitness arenas. We have an incredibly talented massage therapist in house who works miracles on people that are having serious problems. You can often find her walking the gym floors helping patrons on her own accord and free of charge because she cares about their wellness. 



As a non franchise operation, we are allotted the complete control and autonomy as to what is chosen for our facility. We have spared absolutely no expense on equipment by hand selecting each piece throughout the country and the world. This includes some custom pieces designed for our needs. You will see equipment in our facility that you won’t find throughout the majority of the Pacific Northwest. These include:

• Elite FTS bench presses 

• Eleiko PL Squat Stand/Bench Press and bar

• Prone row

• Belt squat 

• Rogers Athletic Pendulum Power Squat Pro

• Legend Fitness full racks

• Ohio powerlifting bars

• Texas Deadlift bar

• Rogue Safety Squat bar 

• Donkey calf raise

• Sled and Prowler

• Logs and Axle Bars

• Custom Yoke

The list goes on, but I’ll stop there



As a general general consensus, the GM of a facility would not normally clout the members as an asset to their business model, but in the Mecca’s case, they absolutely are. We have people from all walks of life swipe their fob to train here from the elderly, to the extremely overweight, to competitive bodybuilders, to the strongest person in the world. Each member has something to offer. This gym separates itself from its competition by, with, and through its members. If someone is new to the area, and joins The Mecca, they will have more friends than they know what to do with in short order. There are no egos here, and one’s personal fitness journey is transformed into a group effort. The Mecca is a gym that truly inspires people to train hard, with intent, and often; and I have to accredit that to the environment in which my members create. 



We plan on having a major event hosted here each month where members will be able to attend free of charge, or at a highly discounted rate.

Upcoming Events:

JUN: USAPL Powerlifting Seminar

JULY: Strongman Competition sanctioned by U.S.S



As a quickly growing individually operated gym, we have the advantage of being able to shift our focus quickly based off of the active requests of our customers. For example, we have been getting many requests for more functional training equipment and outside training. We are now in the process of ordering a top of the line functional training rack for the group exercise room where members will be able to use it freely, and group classes will be designed around it. We are also converting our back parking lot into a high intensity training area; group classes will also be offered around that. There is no corporate red tape binding us to limited expansion strategies. With that, we navigate freely throughout the treasure valley’s business community, creating new relationships and a stronger sphere of influence each day. Lastly, as a small operation, we appreciate each member and give them more time and respect than any gym I’ve personally attended before. 



Jason Hamilton

G.M, The Mecca Gym

(208) 996-1400

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